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Category: Elite dangerous deep core mining python

Elite dangerous deep core mining python
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Welcome to the Mining Guide! Are you fond of Minerals and Metals? Have a seat, and learn the ropes of the real Miners with our Complete Miner Guide! Why should you become a miner? Mining means Netprofit while you directly mine the metalsminerals and materials that can be found in the giant asteroids fields floating around large stellar objects. You also have some unique outfitting opportunities that makes the role feels unique: Deploy drones to prospect and collect, mine these big rocks into chunks, process your gathering, and refine them with your refinery!

You will then be able to sell these metals and minerals to diverse starports depending on their economies in order to get the most credit our of your mined items. The materials you found out there will also be really helpful for your Synthesis and Engineers schematics. Of course you can mine with any ship, however some ships are better at mining than others thanks to their modules sizes and space. With a proper and outfitted mining ship, you will be able to make more profit out of these great asteroids fields with a minimum effort.

There is three distinct styles that we will detail in the next chapter. I usually use two websites to prepare my outfitting. There are different places where mining is possible, however some are way more interesting than others.

Minerals and Metals are the two main items your are looking for if you want to ear credits. First, open your galactic map and check out the systems nearby. Note that the more you are in the center of the Human bubble where the traffic is huge, the less great areas you will find as these are heavily exploited.

Use your Discovery Scanners to analyze the systems and gather details. This will help you in finding the right spot for your mining session.

elite dangerous deep core mining python

It will display the best spots in the asteroids rings. Keep in mind that the more time you pass looking for an interesting field, the less time you will loose wandering in space. Now here are several interesting systems known for their huge and excellent Icy, Metal Rich and Metallic asteroids fields. A station within reach is often welcome in order to sell quickly your items, but generally these buy your good at lower prices.

It all depends on your play-style. Awww, credits everywhere! I mean, asteroids. Their textures mush be metallic-ish and smooth or white and icy. When a Collector drone brings a fragment of ore in your ship, it will be added to the bins in your Refinery. The better Refinery have more bins than the lower classes. The latter will then be added to your cargo. This will free the spot. Fill your cargo until you cannot hold more, and then head to the station where you will sell your findings.

However, in order to gain time, we would like to sell them in the same place.January Ok, so those videos are saying to ignore deep core mining entirely? That's all I've been doing, so maybe that's what I've been completely wrong about?

Did frontier ever implement any reasons to sell in open? In Eve, venturing out into null sec introduces risks that are offset by the allure of greater profits. But the last time that I played Elite, selling in open introduces additional risk with no benefit whatsoever. Usually the risk is really low for most of the bubble, but the high profit stations are Hotspots that draw players to them.

That's not the right way to look at it. A boon for taking on additional risks isn't a penalty for avoiding risks. TimFiji Registered User regular. January 18 edited January But they have introduced the ability to rescue your npc crew, so there's now less reason for players to fear Open. TimFiji on January Steam: Archpriest.

So, when you 'splode, it takes note of the location. When you come back you just look for a distress signal POI, and scoop up the escape pod there and lol nope that'd be too cool. It's just another line on your rebuy screen. Elite npc crew will cost a little over 2 million to rebuy. Tube Administrator, ClubPA admin. Tube on January Genji-Gloves Registered User regular. Ahh reclaiming crew is pretty sweet. Especially if you have invested time finding and training a member you like.

When selling a full load of diamonds, I feel physical pain when they're less than 1 million each. I should make a list of planets to search prices from outside the ly bubble of my harvest spot.

Any of you go to that much trouble when plotting your routes?What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best beginner mining ships 3. Thread starter Mrat13 Start date Dec 16, So, all I need now is a ship to get started. Last edited: Dec 19, A Viper IV can hold a motherlode and is fast and agile enough to forgo collection limpets. You easily make the ship's investment back with one motherlode.

I tried on T10, but it is way too big for the Deep Core Mining, with a huge amount of movement inertia. My choice is Python, also because it has central HP, which is good for Sub Surface Disp missles, because in current state of the game it can be painful to aim these if placed on sides. Last edited: Dec 16, T6 has plenty of slots and great legs, great agility too.

Bob Lighthouse Banned. Python, F D S, Krait. AspX for a budget. Cervantes01 said:. Why you need more? Two seismic missles. Sub surface mining is more of the waste of the time in current state. I made around 12M with just core mining in around 40 minutes, and I guess it is possible to do a lot more.

Sub surface is when you need something specific for mission. FoxtrotF said:. Cobra Mk 4 if you have access to it. I think it finally has a perfect role; deep core mining.

Not expensive either. I spent several hours yesterday core mining with the Krate MkII, which works well apart from the visibility is poor especially in VR due to the super structure above. So today I tried the Imperial Clipper and love it. It is a joy to fly, fast and more manoeuvrable than the Python or Krait. In my view manoeuvrability is very important for core mining, plus the speed between asteroids. It also has plenty of cargo space after fitting the required modules. The only compromise is it only has 4 hard points I just swap the subsurface missile or mining laser for a weapon which are widely spaced, but you soon get used to the aiming points.

The Clipper also has panoramic views out of the cockpit to look for the core asteroids while speeding along.All rights reserved. All other trademarks and copyright are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Privacy and cookies policy Contact Donation. Lando Calrissian's nephew Read more. Game platform:.

It started out well, I made a couple new friends, found an asteroid that had a low yield of low temperature diamonds, super rare. I was ready for day 2, until I received a special invitation via g-mail to meet up with a well Read more I must say, taking up this new job wasn't as bad as I thought. I have an office to myself, with a view too! I'm near the break room, and there's no community water fountain where the soft headed groupies congregate.

I haven't seen much of the Admiral, and that's not a bad thing. The micro manager Summary: The assignment has been completed successfully. The 12 wanted criminals have been eliminated and are no longer a threat. However, other unnamed faction members attempted to interfere with the mission.

They were disposed of as well per S. Additional notes: It was observed that this independent Achievements history. No log entries to show [sharing disabled].

This website is not an official tool for the game Elite: Dangerous and is not affiliated with Frontier Developments. All information provided is based on publicly available information and may not be entirely accurate.

Registered ship name Black Pearl. Squadron The Fatherhood.Miners extract metalsmineralsand other resources from asteroids and sell them for profit. Mining involves traveling to potential sites in space, usually pristine Planetary Ringsidentifying specific resource-rich asteroids, and using various specialized Hardpoint modules to remove and collect their resources.

In order to begin mining, pilots require three essential optional internal modules: a Refinery to refine collected resources into Commodities for sale, one or more Cargo Racks to carry the refined Commodities, and one or more Mining LasersAbrasion BlastersSub-surface Displacement Missilesor Seismic Charge Launchers. The Detailed Surface ScannerProspector Limpetand Pulse Wave Analyser can also be equipped to more easily locate ideal mining sites and valuable asteroids, and the Collector Limpet can be used to more efficiently gather raw resources.

Miners who choose to delve inhabited systems rather than uncharted ones can purchase system data from Universal Cartographics or scan a Navigation Beacon in order to determine the quality of a system's asteroid clusters or planetary rings. Some miners prefer small, nimble ships for mining, as they are better at maneuvering around asteroids, in tight asteroid belts and rings at higher velocities.

However others prefer larger ships such as the PythonImperial ClipperFederal CorvetteImperial Cutter and the Anacondawhich are not as maneuverable, but can equip all the beneficial Limpet Controllers and carry a large number of limpets for their use, while still having room for cargo and shields, increasing efficiency. Additionally, the larger ships are better at defending themselves from pirates while mining, though such threats can generally be avoided in the uncharted systems beyond human habitation centers.

An ideal mining ship requires at least one Class 2 hardpoint to fit larger mining tools for more efficient or profitable mining, and enough optional internal slots to hold a Refinery, a Collector Limpet Controller, a Prospector Limpet Controller, a Detailed Surface Scanner, and at least one Cargo Rack.

Mobility is also an important factor, due to needing to find more specific asteroids, and aiming certain mining tools. At least 4 hardpoints, with one medium, are required to hold one of every mining tool. A Fighter Hangar is also recommended, as it lets a ship defend against pirates while its hardpoints are replaced with mining tools.

elite dangerous deep core mining python

Mining is currently possible at asteroid belts or planetary rings including icy as of 2. They can be targeted and flown to in supercruise, just like any destination within a system. Marked extraction sites can only be seen at ranges of 1kls or closer. Asteroids in planetary rings can also be mined from - RES are common places for NPC miners to congregate in, but pirates will also spawn here. Mining is not limited to extraction sites, which is much safer since there is virtually no NPCs spawning outside them.

It is important, however, to identify the metallic rings before attempting this. When you have arrived, you will see a number from a handful to many dozens of asteroids, which you can then mine.

Advanced miners guide: How to locate Mother lodes - Elite: Dangerous.

A good starting spot for mining are systems with industrial economies. Mining Locations change in both quality and quantity which when presented one through five, one being the highest and five being the lowest are currently. This information can be found in the system map by targeting either the belt cluster or planet of interest. Planetary rings are labeled from inner to outer with descending letters starting from A. It is important to note that the first four processes can overlap during a mining session, and must be carefully managed in order to maximize efficiency and profit.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four 3.Manufactured by Faulcon deLacy, the Python is a multipurpose ship that offers an enticing balance of manoeuvrability, firepower and defence.

With five hardpoints, it can go head-to-head with large ships such as the Anaconda and Imperial Cutter, while its agility allows it to handle smaller vessels without having to rely on turret weapons.

The Python also has a sizeable cargo hold, making it a viable choice for those seeking a combat-capable freighter. The Python is a ship manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. An iconic model, the Python pioneered modular ship design and singlehandedly revolutionized space travel when it was introduced by Whatt and Pritney Ship Constructions inspurring the rise of the first independent pilots.

The modern iteration of the Python continues to be a popular choice, effectively combining utility and durability into a single multipurpose craft that can easily take on a variety of roles. The Python is considered by some to be the most effective balance between firepower, manoeuvrability, and protection currently available. In addition to being capable of holding its own against the larger Anaconda in a toe-to-toe frontal battle through its substantial protection and firepower, the Python is generally agile enough for its size to comfortably deal with smaller fighter classes without having to rely on turret mounts.

The Python can also serve as a heavily armed freighter in that it can carry T of cargo with a Class 3 Shield Generator fitted, or T with no shield fitted. Additionally, it is the largest cargo capacity of any ship that can dock at Outposts since it utilizes medium landing pads; because of this the Python is fantastic for Community Goals. Although the ship can achieve surprisingly high jump ranges with the proper modules and Engineeringadditional mass from cargo can quickly drag this down and significantly lengthen the return leg of a trading loop.

In combat scenarios, the Python is more than capable of putting down most other ships. With 5 hardpoints and good placement even larger ships like Anacondas and Imperial Cutters must operate with caution in a fight against a Python. Furthermore, it has a staggering Mass Lock factor of 17; not only is this much higher than almost every other medium ship, tying with Krait MkIIit can even mass lock large ships such as the Orca and Type-9 Heavymaking the Python an excellent choice for Pirating and Bounty Hunting as it has more than enough firepower to cripple targets before they can flee.

The ship has one fatal flaw, however; its manoeuvrability. It has less manoeuvrability than other medium ships such as a Fer-de-Lance or Alliance Chieftain meaning it will often lose in a 1V1 scenario with either ship as manoeuvrability is an important factor in smaller ship combat. It also struggles against the small Vulturewhich can easily stay under the ship and avoid fire.

Utilizing turret-style weapons on the nose and medium hardpoints can help in combat if this becomes an issue, which allow for better firing arcs than the remaining pair of heavy hardpoints. Power is also a problem as the Python will struggle to keep all 5 hardpoints as well as utility mounts and Shield Generator powered. Engineering the Python is highly recommended to avoid this issue. The Python can also serve as a competent Explorer. While it cannot quite match the Diamondback Explorer or Asp Explorer for jump range, it can come close with a Class 5 Guardian Frame Shift Drive Boosterand its well-balanced array of optional internal slots gives it plenty of room for exploration equipment without sacrificing protection.

Finally, its hardpoints can be loaded with weapons to deter pirates, or left empty to save on weight. The weapon hardpoints are located as follows: two large hardpoints located either side of the ships spine around the midship, and two medium points located slightly behind the cockpit. The final large hardpoint is located on the underside of the nose section. All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Python.

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Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Python with Midnight Black skin from Black Friday sale and shipkit options. Categories :. Faulcon DeLacy. Internal Compartments. Planetary Approach Suite H. Drake-Class Carrier.

elite dangerous deep core mining python

Ships by Type Battlecruiser. Thargoid Interceptor Thargoid Scout.All rights reserved. All other trademarks and copyright are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Privacy and cookies policy Contact Donation. View all posts.

Ship build

Bulletin board post. Related star system:. Related minor faction:. Regional Paramilitary Guard. Tails of the Dark Harper.

[Elite: Dangerous] Look how they massacred my mining prices!

Star Commander Harper Steel went through his post jump checklist without a thought. His vision was drawn to the outside of the cockpit there hanging massively in front of his python was a massive asteroid almost eight miles across. Harper methodically shut down the jump drive systems and powered up his mining lasers and seismic charges he began firing at a very specific spot on the asteroid maneuvering his python to so his lasers continued to hit the same area periodically launching seismic charges.

The charges all went off in the same direction giving the asteroid a slight nudge he continued alternating between mining lasers and seismic charges pushing the asteroid in the direction he wanted it to go. Thrusting backwards he pulled away from the asteroid to gain distance doing a final check on its trajectory he turned away and throttled up his drive.

That had taken less than an hour, Harper chuckled to himself is he engaged his supercruise. He again began going through his pre-jump checklist thinking to himself of the destruction the asteroid would cause so that it finally found its mark. The only thing different this time was as soon as he engaged his frame shift drive and he began to power up to jump he engaged a special module that only had a one-time use for a journey and back, his Time-Shift drive module.

He had found it on an asteroid way out in the middle of nowhere while doing deep core mining, Harper wasn't sure if it was Guardian technology, Thargoid technology or something else, as he begin the final jump back to the year Harper chuckled again to himself, " what do you know my ex-wife was right I really was responsible for the Extinction of the dinosaurs. This website is not an official tool for the game Elite: Dangerous and is not affiliated with Frontier Developments. All information provided is based on publicly available information and may not be entirely accurate.

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