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Delphi7 utf8 string
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delphi7 utf8 string

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I need to write a program which will browse through strings of various lengths and select only those which are written using symbols from set defined by me particularly Japanese letters.

Strings will contain words written in different languages German, French, Arabic, Russian, English etc. Obviously there is huge number of possible characters. I do not know which structure to use for that? I am using Delphi 7 right now. Can anybody suggest how to write such program? Obviously you would be better off with Delphisince the VCL in delphi 7 is not aware of Unicode strings.

delphi7 utf8 string

You can use WideString types, and WideChar types in Delphi 7, and you can install a component set like the TNT Unicode Components to help you create a user interface that can display your results.

For a very-large-set type, consider using a bit array like TBits. A bit array of length would hold enough to contain every UTF code-point. Checking if Char X is in Set Y, would be basically:. For the simple processing of strings in the manner you describe, do not be put off by suggestions that you should upgrade to the latest compiler and Unicode enabled framework.

The Unicode support itself is of course provided by the underlying Windows API which is of course directly accessible from "non-Unicode" versions of Delphi just as much as from "Unicode versions". I suspect that most if not all of the Unicode support that you need for the purposes outlined in your question can be obtained from the Unicode support provided in the JEDI JCL.

For any visual component support you may require the TNT control set has the appeal of being free. If in the unlikely case that you are stuck with Delphi 7 the Unicode Library from Mike Lischke may be somewhat helpful. Learn more. Working with Unicode strings in Delphi 7 Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 1 month ago.

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Ansi to unicode in Delphi 7? Hi everyone! Then I use this as an e-mail's body in Outlook, but that's off-topic I'd like to take this String, and replace a small part of it with text that is currently written using ISO encoded ANSI characters.

Thanks in advance! See related articles to this posting. The D7 RTL On You can't mix multiple encodings in a single HTML document. You do not need a library. Those functions use the OS default Ansi codepage for their conversions. Thanks for the suggestions from everyone, I didn't have time to test it yet, but Treat it like any other string. WinAPI functions. For use with external applications, that accept wide strings, you may stay with the WideString, and omit the final UTF-8 conversion.

Thanks for the answers guys! Actually, I'm writing a program which lets the user store e-mails form Outlook and reply to them using Outlook. The e-mails are either stored as plain text or html. Plain text e-mails are usually ansi encoded. Html e-mails are either ansi or utf So I've decided to go with this not so elegant solution: if Data.

This is all delphi7. What would be the best way to achive what I've done in Delphi in Delphi 7? Kind Regards, Robert. I wrote an application and used cracked delphi 7, after i bought delphi 7 I wrote an application and used cracked delphi 7, I sold it, after i bought delphi 7 and recompiled application, is now my application legal or? Can I still be arrested? The last post was deleted and I'm sure this one will be deleted, too.

Is this really possible? What are the benefits that we can derive using a higher version's RTL? If it actually compiles in Delphi 7, I guess it would be possible.

Encode base64 and Decode base64 using delphi 2007

I was wondering if there is a good book or reference to learn all new things XE3 added. Any suggestions? XE3 is Unicode for example So her Migrating From Delphi 7 to Delphi We did not know which forum was the best for this question.Tag: delphiencodingbase64decodingdelphi I have to encode an array of bytes to a base64 string and decode this string on an old Delphi How could I do?

I've tried synapse As suggested here Binary to Base64 Delphi. For example:. Update : alternatively, if your version does not have the class methods shown above:. I want to suspend some updates of the control when his form is not active and resume the updates when the form is activated.

The only rational explanation is the FormCreate is not executing. You need to assign it to the form's OnCreate event handler. Use the object inspector to do so. OnDownloadBegin fires just before the document starts to being downloaded and is therefore the best event for starting of some loading animation. OnDownloadBegin OnDownloadComplete fires after the document was downloaded and even if the downloading of the document fails This character notation always refers to a Unicode Codepoint regardless of the character encoding of the HTML document that contains it.

Make sure the MaxLength of edtZaklad is 0. COM interfaces are reference counted, and the Delphi compiler generates code to automatically manage the reference counting for you. Each time an interface variable is assigned, Release is called if the variable is not nil, and AddRef is called if the new value is not nil. When the variable goes Proxify Self. DataSet ; See this for more info The VCL memo control is a loose wrapper around the Win32 multiline edit.

The password character functionality of the edit control is only available for single line edits. I figure it out I didn't Canvas it before sending it to server. I would like to know how to remove all bytes which can't be decode. Is there a solution?About donations wiki. Computer Math and Games in Pascal. Lazarus Handbook.

Understanding ASCII and Unicode (GCSE)

Advanced search. Read times. Quote from: CM on April 02,pm. Thanks for the answers! My initial idea was to convert strings to number and then to get their characters I believed that a native solution would existbut wp 's solution seems to work as much as I have tried it so I will probably go his way.

I would improve the function a little: For example 1ABCD is a valid hex, even if the first zero is omitted. Quote from: CM on April 03,am. SetLength ResultLength s div 2. Create 'No valid UTF8 codepoint'.

Saving string or stringlist to unicode text file

SymbolicFrank Hero Member Posts: But it would be possible to convert a UTF8 code point to a Unicode character by removing the start bits of the individual bytes and adding the resulting bits together into a bit bit Unicode char. Bart Hero Member Posts: Graeme Hero Member Posts: Quote from: SymbolicFrank on April 04,pm.

Quote from: JuhaManninen on April 02,pm. Quote from: Zoran on April 02,pm. Graeme, many answers for CM, including mine, were based on misunderstanding.

String Types (Delphi)

It turned out his data was string representation of hex-numbers which described UTF-8 data. For whatever reason. Quote from: Graeme on April 05,am. Quote from: JuhaManninen on April 05,am. Zoran Hero Member Posts: Quote from: serbod on April 05,pm. Quote from: Zoran on April 05,pm. SMF 2. Computer Math and Games in Pascal preview.Indeed, the abstract string has no encoding. An abstract character string is one where Perl can recognize each grapheme cluster as a unit, and there is no encoding involved at the user level.

Perl sees a string of octets and cannot recognize grapheme clusters. The output shows that the same are two are different things because one is a string of characters and one a string of octets:. The output shows the difference. Since this is just a string of octets, Perl thinks that this version is one character longer:. You want to have character data with no representation and operate on abstract characters.

Virtually no one can tell you, off the top of their heads, what the UTF-8 representation of a string is because no one thinks in UTF No one wants to do that during string manipulation, either. The problem is that some interfaces want the encoded data instead of the abstract character string. Instead of making you decode it in the response, it uses the data just as you would get it in the message body of the HTTP response. If you are doing extra processing, however, you can get in trouble.

If you have your input string as an abstract character string, the decode method might fail. The error says it has a malformed UTF-8 character. In this case, you need to turn your abstract character string into a UTF-8 encoded string, just like it would look as if you had stored it in a file.

You can encode it going from the abstract character string to the UTF-8 version with the Encode module Item Convert octet strings to character strings. You can also print to a scalar reference, using the encoding that you need Item Open filehandles to and from strings :.

If you already have the text in a file and need it un-decoded, you can read it with the :raw layer so perl does not decode it possibly with default layers set far away :. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty. Know the difference between character strings and UTF-8 strings Posted by brian d foy on August 21, Leave a comment 0 Go to comments. Consider this example.

In use v5. Leave a comment 0 Comments. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Delphi Basics. WideString Type. A data type that holds a string of WideChars. System unit.

delphi7 utf8 string

The WideString data type is used to hold sequences of International characters, like sentences. Each character is a WideCharguaranteed to be 16 bits in size. WideChar types provide support for multi-byte International character sets such as Chinese, which have vast numbers of characters idiograms in their character sets. Storage is allocated for an AnsiString only when needed. For example, assigning the value of one AnsiString to another does not allocate storage for a copy of the first string.

Instead, the reference count of the first string is incremented, and the second AnsiString set to point to it. But when the second string is changed, new storage is obtained for this new string, and the reference count for the first string is decremented. When a string is no longer referenced the last AnsiString referer is set to nilit is discarded.

This is an example of Delphi managing storage on your behalf. WideString s can be assigned from other strings, from functions that return a string, and with concatenations as in the sample code. When assigning to a 'narrow' string, such as an AnsiStringthe double to single byte conversion can have unpredictable results. Use with care. Converting from AnsiString to WideString is trouble free. Strings are indexed with 1 for the first character arrays start with 0 for the first element.

Download this web site as a Windows program. Show full unit code. All rights reserved. Home Page.This topic describes the string data types available in the Delphi language. The following types are covered:. All the string types described in this topic are supported by Delphi compilers for desktop platforms, but Delphi compilers for mobile platforms only support UTF8StringRawByteString and the default string type UnicodeString.

Also, with Delphi compilers for mobile platforms, strings are 0-based and immutable; to manipulate strings, use the TStringHelper functions, which are provided for this purpose. A string represents a sequence of characters. Delphi supports the following predefined string types.

Unicode characters; multiuser servers and multilanguage applications. WideString is not supported by the Delphi compilers for mobile platforms, but is supported by the Delphi compilers for desktop platforms. Using UnicodeString is preferred to WideString. String types can be mixed in assignments and expressions; the compiler automatically performs required conversions.

But strings passed by reference to a function or procedure as the var and out parameters must be of the appropriate type. Strings can be explicitly cast to a different string type. However, casting a multibyte string to a single byte string may result in data loss. The reserved word string functions like a general string type identifier. For example:. On the Win32 platform, the compiler interprets string when it appears without a bracketed number after it as UnicodeString.

This is a potentially useful technique when using older bit Delphi code or Turbo Pascal code with your current programs. Note that the keyword string is also used when declaring ShortString types of specific lengths see Short Stringsbelow.

Comparison of strings is defined by the ordering of the elements in corresponding positions. Between strings of unequal length, each character in the longer string without a corresponding character in the shorter string takes on a greater-than value.

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