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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Nana Shimura- I 2. Mitsuki Bakugou I 3. Itsuka Kendo I 4. Inko Midoriya I 5. Yu Shimamura The Reporter- I 6. Prior to his capture he finds the boy and implants him with a very special and very sinister Quirk that will enable him to take down Hero Society in the most unorthodox way; by making all female pro-heroes and students devote themselves entirely to him.

The last battle between himself and the previous Symbol of Peace left him horribly scarred, broken, and deprived of many of his stolen quirks.

To get back at her, and heroes in general, for destroying his body and ruining his empire AfO seeks out a progeny to mold into his successor.

It was the current more modern year with up and coming heroes like Mt Lady and Kamui Woods taking the spotlight of heroism. Among the pro heroes, as well as many promising new students heading to UA,many of them were female and the villainous mastermind has crafted a way of turning that strength against them. With one good visible eye showing through the marred portion of his unrecognizable face he saw him; the boy on the news.

Izuku Midoriya, a rare Quirkless child who had been beaten down so much in spirit by the reality around him, wonders if he could even be a hero. As of now he was currently in hiding watching many news events from the screens in front of him. His smile was wide and toothy when he remembered having special quirk he stole from a rather undeserving lecher.

It was a very special one that had practically no use to him because of his dying condition, but it was essential in implementing his plans. Namely his Last Will. She, like many of the female pro-heroes are susceptible to this Quirk.This article is about the character. Once Japan's most powerful villain and All Might 's arch-nemesis, his true motives are unclear and his true identity is unknown. His current goal is to raise Tomura to become his eventual successor.

He is currently under police custody and imprisoned in Tartarus. After being mortally injured by All Might years ago, All For One's face seems to be made entirely of scar tissue, extending from above his upper lip and covering his entire head and the back of his neck.

As such, he has no visible nose, ears, hair or eyes, though the outlines of eye sockets can be seen. He has various tubes sticking out of his neck and jaw, presumably to help him with his breathing.

There are small holes in the palms of his hands. In flashbacks, he appears to have been an ordinary-looking man with short white hair. However, his face is not shown clearly. In later chapters, he is shown to be a man of strong, imposing features, although his eyes are shadowed.

In another flashback, his face is shadowed, although one can make out his distinct features; he appears to have light-colored eyes and a cruel smile. When All For One leaves his secret hideout, he wears a navy blue, skull-like gas mask with angular pipes at the top, a wide collar-like life-support system around his neck with multiple other pipes connecting the front and back.

All For One is a megalomaniac and an expedient psychopath. While All For One did use his powers to help people, it was done with ulterior motives and he asked for their aid in exchange for his help.

Those who resisted his will were purged. Aware of the feud between civilians and Quirk users, All For One encouraged it to acquire more Quirks and supporters. All For One committed all these crimes, claiming he was bringing order to the world. All For One did care for his younger brother, albeit in a condescending manner.

He has the belief that without power, one cannot assert his ideals, and he does not believe in justice or morality, claiming that they do not conform to reality. All For One was so attached to his power and status that he despises All Might for taking them away from him. Perhaps due to his confidence and immense power, he has a calm and condescending demeanor, confident even when thwarted.

Still, All For One is aware of Tomura's general immaturity and tries to teach him how to grow as a Villainalthough, unlike All Might, his methods of teaching are indirect. He speaks kindly towards Tomura and gives him encouragement when he fails. All For One came off as quite impatient, as he wanted to get rid of the Pro Heroes and Police Force attacking the League of Villains as soon as possible.

However, it is also possible that his body has a limit and he only wanted to do what he had to before the limit was reached. All For One was shown to be quite self-absorbed and obsessed with his powers as he himself stated that he is unable to resist taking a Quirk once it piques his interest, much like a hoarder, even if he never truly had any real necessity for such a Quirk to begin with.

He claims that he wanted to return some Quirks to their rightful owners, but follows up saying that a Quirk has to be used whenever possible and sooner rather than later.

Despite his power and authority, All For One is respectful with his subordinates and associates being generally polite rather than patronizing, although this can be construed as a means to maintain his status. All For One's sheer power is enough to effortlessly counter and repel the Symbol of Peace All Mightwho is notorious for his brute strength.

Overall Abilities : All For One is an extremely powerful villain; being the former leader of the League of Villains, revered as Japan's most powerful villain, living since the manifestation of Quirks, and having stolen Quirks from an innumerable amount of people, All For One has immense experience and power.

For combat, All For One prefers to combine many of the Quirks he has collected throughout his long life he lived for more than years due to a Longevity Quirk he stole in order to maximize their power and effectiveness, often to truly catastrophic levels. In addition, due to his enormous array of Quirks, he can switch between various powers in the midst of battle, making All For One unpredictable, and all the more dangerous. Since he has no qualms with killing, he doesn't hold back in fights, and will even target defenseless people, using them as a distraction to his advantage.

All For One's incredible prowess and destructive nature earned him the epithet, " Symbol of Evil ".During his internship with Gran TorinoIzuku developed a way to stop relying on One For All as a special move and damaging his body in the process. He learns to spread the power across his body evenly, rather that focusing his Quirk on one section at a time.

In addition to reducing the strain caused by One For All, the technique gives Izuku a much wider variety of options in combat. Since the power is spread throughout his whole body, he doesn't need to waste time re-channeling the power from one body part to another. Full Cowl gives Izuku much greater reflexes, maneuverability, and enhanced strength.

My Hero Academia Reveals How Izuku Can Use 100% of One For All

His increased mobility allows him to scale buildings with ease and clear large jumps. This allowed him to locate Tenya Iida in Hosu City by searching throughout the area very quickly.

His new capabilities left his other classmates in awe. Izuku displays increased reflexes during a sparring match with Gran Torino where he was able to read and evade his teacher's movements.

When Izuku activates Full Cowl, red, vein-like lines course throughout his body that coincides with the energy flowing through him. When fully active, his body and eyes start to glow with a green, electric aura. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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deku one for all

Try Now. Indiscriminate Discharge 1, Volts. Louis Smash. Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag. Light Refraction.My Hero Academia viewership has been swelling lately. Well, it's already one of the most popular shows of the decade. But, the musical inclusions, animations, and subverted expectations in the latest episodes make for quite the exciting season.

We'll try not to spoil anything, but Deku has once again evolved upon his mastery of One for All and we're pumped. But, while we were cheering about the growth of his Quirk, it's important to remember there's a lot about One for All that doesn't quite make sense.

So, let's take a look back before we move towards the future. As Deku has been learning to control this power, he has attached more and more "limiters" on himself. You know, to stop his Quirk from blowing up his body from within. Still, the percentages he applied to its usage always confused us. It feels like author Kohei Horikoshi might've just written himself into a corner with percentages rather than using something more vague to denote it.

The entire mantra of U. Surpass your limits every step of the way to become the best hero you can be. And, Midoriya Izuku channels that every day. The kid's basically his own self-improvement guru. This little crybaby attempts to surpass his past self every chance he gets.

For example, when Deku uses One Million Percent against Muscular, we're mostly sure he was just saying that to hype himself up. When All Might uses OfA, there's no visual reaction other than the wind pressure created from his wings.

All Might isn't glowing, he doesn't have "energy" around him like a Super Saiyan would, he just punches real dang hard. But, for some reason, Horikoshi decided that Deku needed multiple forms of visualization when using his version of OfA.

One For All: Full Cowl

One form is the "veins" of power the Anime shows us whenever he uses it. This is most likely purely aesthetic and can't be seen by characters in the show. But, the green lightning that surrounds Deku when using it can be seen. What is this green energy? Why is it becoming more apparent as Deku develops OfA? And why didn't All Might have it? Heads up, we're getting into a few manga spoilers here. There, warning over. Anyway, All Might is the literal symbol of justice.

He's the most pure-hearted, dedicated, and strongest hero Japan has ever seen. So, why haven't the vestiges reached out to him? Basically, in one of the later arcs, the memories of past OfA holders reach out to Deku and give him power.

This means that Deku doesn't just have one Quirk now, but potentially six others. Sure, he's only accessed one so far with Black Whip, but we're sure he'll unlock more as time goes on. But, how did All Might never gain access to this? Why is Deku deemed more capable? There's no explanation, or at least the ones we can think of have to do with an impure All Mightand we don't want that.

Deku One For All

If you remember right, the way human bodies develop in MHA is that they individually mutate a bit in response to the Quirk the person has. Bakugo is resistant to his own explosions, Ashido's Acid does nothing to her, and Mineta can't stick to his own grapes, the list goes on. But, Deku is missing that pinky-toe joint. So, how could his body ever mutate for One for All?In the past, it was used by its previous hosts, Nana ShimuraToshinori Yagiand the first six users before them.

Long ago, a man with a Quirk that could steal other Quirks and give them away forcibly gave his seemingly Quirkless younger brother a Quirk that allowed him to stockpile power within his body. However, unknown to either of them, the younger brother already had a Quirk with no other power than that it could be transferred to another person.

The transference Quirk and the power stockpiling Quirk merged into one and from then on became One For All. The younger brother somehow discovered this. He had a strong sense of justice and he tried to defeat All For One, but given the huge difference in their strength, the younger brother failed. The younger brother decided to entrust the Quirk to future generations of Heroes, hoping that they would cultivate One For All and one day put a stop to All For One. Very few knew the truth about One For All, for fear of what Villains would do if they found out that the world's most powerful Quirk could be transferred.

Izuku Midoriya's Super Moves

All For One sought after One For All and as a result, almost all of the users of One For All were killed by his hand, but not before they each had the chance to pass on the Quirk to a successor so that it could reach the future.

The seventh user, Nana Shimurawas the last holder killed by his hand, while her apprentice and heir to One For All, All Might, fought All For One at least twice, winning both battles.

The Quirk was passed down through nine generations, growing stronger with the passage of time. Currently, One For All is one of the most powerful Quirks in existence, albeit being very difficult to fully master. One For All is a transferable Quirk that can be passed on from one user to the next.

deku one for all

In order for the Quirk to be transferred, the recipient must ingest a sample of the predecessor's DNA ex. In order for the Quirk to be transferred, the current owner must freely choose to transfer it. Because of this, the power cannot be forcibly taken, however, it can be forcibly given, as the recipient doesn't have to agree to anything.

One For All also allows the user to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, allowing them to significantly enhance all of their physical abilities to a superhuman level. This results in unbelievable levels of strength, speed, agility, and durability. The user can focus the stockpiled power into a single body part, or spread the power evenly throughout their body, although, focusing the power puts a greater strain on the part of the body where the power is focused.

The user is also able to control the percentage of the power that they activate. One For All can even grant the user an exceptional strength boost to their given Quirk if they have one. The core of One For All has grown in strength from being passed from user to user, and the Quirk Factors of all of the previous users have merged into the core, granting the current user the ability to access these Quirks.Mei, in case you forgot, was the support student during the Sports Festival who made it to the Final 16 round of the first-year tournament.

She used her match against Iida as an opportunity to advertise her technology to potential Hero Agencies willing to hire her. She possesses an almost maniacal zeal for her "babies.

It's unlikely that Mei doesn't now have footage of the two recorded on her device. If she didn't piece it together already, she has all the information necessary to figure out Midoriya's secret when reviewing the footage later. But at present, she almost sees Midoriya as a secondary concern. Prior to this, Midoriya and Togata brought Eri around the school, showing her the various classes and projects worked on throughout the school.

This naturally included the Support Class, where one of Mei's titanic mecha weapons ended up blowing up in front of them. Midoriya approached Mei for support tech that might help him harness the powers of One For All better. In the last episode, Midoriya started training in order to better use more of his power -- including being able to channel One For All into projectile attacks.

This required him to exert far more control over his Quirk than ever before. While All Might praises him for his ingenuity, he also warns that there's a distinct possibility that the support tech might get in the way at times, especially if it restricts his movements and abilities.

All this means that Mei will need to intimately understand Midoriya's Quirk in order to design equipment to properly aid him. In terms of keeping his secret under wraps, Midoriya and All Might shouldn't have anything to worry about when it comes to Mei. She cares so much about making technology that can bring her fame and fortune that she'd probably never even think of telling anyone anything about One For All. Mei is the perfect secret keeper. Regardless, if anyone was at U.

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Izuku took Bakugou's advice and swan-dived off the roof. Turns out Kurogiri is a softie, and upon seeing this broken, battered boy step off of a roof, decided maybe he could do a kind thing. For their drive, and for the parts of them that no hero ever sees. Secrets make the world go round. None know this better than All for One, aka Hisashi Midoriya, and his family. A look into the lives of some of our favourite Heroes in the 20 years since the Class of 3A graduated and went their separate ways.

And what happens when the children of old enemies Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou strike up a friendship? Can they come to an understanding for the sake of their beloved kids as they embark on their own Hero Academia? In addition to this, it is soon discovered that Shouto Todoroki has now become the home-room teacher of the new class 1A, and Izuku has to confront the feelings for the man he loved once upon a time.

Over years of being a villain and he is just so done with this. After his battle with Nana, he fakes his death in the wreckage to give the hope to her successor that she completed the mission she set out to do. This is a story about how he fell in love, has a family, and how he deals with his son wanting to be a hero. Sent to live in Tokyo after an incident involving his mom, Izuku is just trying to survive his second year of high. So why does he suddenly have an app that lets him go to a world made from peoples cognition?

After a day dealing with his ex-best friend Katsuki, Izuku gets the chance to meet his hero. But it doesn't quite work out so well for the Quirkless dreamer when he's told he can never become a Hero without a Quirk.

Unable to handle the backlash and left on a roof, Izuku chooses to end his suffering. But instead of turning into pavement paste, he lands in the lair of Villains and learns even his beloved mother has lied to him.

His father wasn't just some basic fire-breathing Quirk-user, but none other the infamous All for One. Unable to process the information, Izuku goes nuclear and learns he's not quite as Quirkless as he thought.

Several years later, Izuku now goes by the name his father gave him and has taken his father's mantle as the number one villain, while Bakugou has become the number one hero after the passing of All Might. And he's proven to be a much more troublesome opponent than his predecessor.

At least until Yamikumo discovers a Quirk that can tap into alternate dimensions and he decides to eliminate the threat before it has a chance to become one.

Unfortunately, instead of falling into his own past, he finds himself in an alternate reality where All Might took the young man to become a Hero. What awaits?

deku one for all

Read on and find out. Chapter One: Grounded: Hisashi is an opportunistic man. This was the perfect moment to strike. Chapter Two: Broken Bones: Izuku used to only worry about accidentally breaking his bones when he used his quirk.

deku one for all

Now if he had a choice, he would take that consequence in a heartbeat. He would take anything but this.

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